Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Fifa 15 coin generator available for all countries?

The short answer is yes. This coin generator is available everywhere you can access FUT 15 and play the game.

How safe this coin generator is? Is there anything I should be aware of when using it?

Good question. This coin generator is as safe as it gets. There is nothing that can happen to you and you stay anonymous. It uses secure SSH encrypted connections and the process is silent and discreet. This tool is used by thousands of Fifa fans around the world and none of them have reported any issues with their Fifa account.

How many coins can i generate?

You can see it when you start using it. There is an easy slider for you to use. Remember, these are safe values that are not randomly selected. These values you can generate safely without having to worry about your anonymity.

How often can I use it?

We suggest you to use it not more than 3 times per week to be certain this coin generator remains undetected and you stay completely anonymous. If you follow this rule, you will face no problems. Respect our policy and this rule - not a big one to follow.

How is it possible?

There aren´t any magic tricks behind it. This tool uses a database loophole that is vulnerable and we think we are the only ones who know about it. Security leaks get patched often, but we can assure you this one is different. It´s only known to our team and was discovered by one of our programmers who is a MySQL database specialist.

The tool isn´t working for me and freezes.

Yes, we are aware of this. It only happens when there is a sudden spike in traffic to our Fifa 15 coin generator. Our servers aren´t bulletproof, but we do use cloud technology for scaling. In can the tool freezes, you just have to reload the page in your browser and try again. Our system will probably be working after a minute or two. This problem isn´t very common, we are aware of this issue and working on resolving it.

Can I share this link with my friends?

Of course, but don´t go crazy with it. We have powerful servers, but our resources are limited. You can give a link to this coin generator to your Facebook friends or mention us on some niche forums, but please don´t abuse this tool. You will only hurt yourself by doing so. Thank you.